Merry Christmas Publishing Links!

Oh, Christmas came early for writers, readers, and those who love the publishing biz!

Lydia Sharp hands out some excellent advice on two issues I have to admit have vexed me as a writer: how to write sex scenes without being pornographic, and how to write believable relationships.

The Book Ends agency ups the ante with three bits of advice: how to negotiate an advance (something I am admittedly not interested in), how to find an agent when you write in multiple genres, and what I have to say is a not altogether convincing defense of literary agents who disagree with successful authors’ opinions of other writer’s work.

Mandy Morgan teases readers with another tidbit of from her YA story Zombie Is An Inflammatory Word (And I Resent That).

I have Kristin Nelson to thank for this link to Richard Curtis’s discussion of “The Separation of E-Book Rights: Publishers’ Worst Nightmare.”

The ever-intriguing Mr. Nathan Bransford offers up some sage advice to writers about entering writing contests.

I saved the best for last, at least from my perspective!  Alan Rinzler offers some good news to beginning novelists on the publishing biz’s interest, and a very informative talk with Jay Schaeffer about the draw of an unknown author.

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