A Stocking Full of Publishing & Writing Links!

“Hey, John!” I imagine you say, “Why are you not writing more of The Crow and the Kinnebeck, instead of posting another round of links to other blogs?”

Well, first of all, I am still writing, but I am also doing some reading and research essential to getting the historical and literary references just right. 

Secondly, stop italicizing the title of that short-story-gone-rogue as if it will become a novel!  I don’t care that you’re only italicizing it in my hypothetical typed form of an imaginary conversation with a notional reader.  Do not conspire with the Muse.  She has a strong enough grip on me already.  Note how She recruits even my psychological projections to do Her bidding?

So, where was I?  Oh yes: more publishing and writing links!  I know the last bunch were professedly for Christmas, but just consider them the “under the tree” links.  You know how, every year, you ravenously tear open all the “under the tree” presents until you’re sitting there (possibly breathing hard) in a nest of bows and shredded paper feeling a sudden, inexplicable emptiness?  Then HO-HO-KAPOW: you remember the stocking! 

Consider this is your link stocking. And, for some odd reason, just like real footwear all of the items below come in twos.

Lydia Sharp shares her dream about meeting — and then becoming one of the — characters from Twilight.  If this sounds like an awful stocking gift, consider this spoiler (alert!): unlike the fictional Bella, and unlike millions of emotionally manipulable readers, Lydia loses/rejects both of the B-grade YA Romeos. 

I have also added the following publishing-related blogs to my reading list: Alice’s CWIM Blog (why are there so many YA and Children’s Lit blogs?) and Booksquare.

Rachelle Gardner offers up some good words on who should and shouldn’t self-publish, and how her insane work-out schedule helps her help you!

And finally, guest contributor Randy Susan Myers at Pimp My Novel offers up a smorgasbord of books on writing, conveniently organized into two categories: “Part One – Before: Technique, Tools, and Support” and “Part Two – After: Selling Your Book Without Selling Your Soul.”

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