Publishing Links That Need No Introduction

Let’s just start right off with the best news, from the perspective of prospective authors: Amazon increases royalty rates on Kindle books!  As New York TimesMedia Decoder blog points out, “Amazon’s move is also a clear bid to woo authors away from traditional publishing houses.”  Things just got interesting.

Jessica at BookEnds answers “Should I revise my manuscript before sending out the next batch of queries?” and other random questions.  Meanwhile Rachelle Gardner discusses email protocol and the power of word-of-mouth.

Lauren at Dystel & Goderich offers some advice on titling, while her colleague Miriam disses the sarcmark.

Kassia Krozser at Booksquare expresses her doubts about enhanced ebooks, while Alan Rinzler at The Book Deal teaches us about hooks that snag great book deals.

Finally, John Fox tells us why he doubts book reviews, while Suzannah Windsor Freeman (guest-blogging at Nathan Bransford‘s site) negotiates the struggle between Word Nerds and Grammar Rebels.


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