Writing and Publishing Links … With Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a big ol’ heart-shaped sampler of writing and publishing links.  Okay, okay … you’re very creative, so imagine that it’s heart-shaped!   And delicious.

My loves, you can resume your diet on President’s Day.  For now, indulge yourselves!

Joe and Lydia Sharp at The Sharp Angle answer the question “How do you know when to start and end a scene/chapter?” while Jessica at BookEnds responds to a writer who asks why agents keep telling her that her books are not the genre she insists they are.

Over at Dystel & Goderich, the other (but equally awesome) Jessica asks her readers how much they allow bad reviews to affect their reading decisions, while D&G’s Lauren ponders the future of browseable, brick and mortar bookstores.

Janet Reid explains why the final say in your book’s title lies far beyond you, your agent, and your editor, and also pointed me toward a funny piece at the Editorial Anonymous blog about what editors can and cannot fix.

Jennifer Jackson passes on more two more “letters from the query wars” while Kristin Nelson discusses the submission reading cycles agents go through, and the end of advanced reading copies.

Nathan Bransford offered up his own link soup on Friday, including a hilarious list of awful book covers from the past.

Rachelle Gardner tells authors how to keep money in its place, asks authors whether agents should edit, and reveals what makes her say “yes” to a book: craft, story, and voice.

Editor Alan Rinzler explains how to blend backstory into your narrative, while the Editorial Ass offers query letter advice from an engineer.

And yes, blog reader, I do love you even if I don’t say except after you’ve already said it. :-/  You know how I am about expressing myself.

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