Mandy Morgan Snags An Agent!

Last October I stumbled over a writer who had posted a bit of supernatural fiction online with an idea so … neat, I think is the best word … that I just had to tell my readers about her.  The story was Mandy Morgan’s “The Sky Goes Black.”

Mandy then posted a teaser for a young adult novel called Zombie Is An Inflammatory Word (And I Resent That).  Now, I am not a fan of supernatural YA (don’t get me started on Twilight) but Mandy’s concept was so intriguing and funny that I included it in my Christmas link soup posting, and again after the New Year when she added another teaser.

Well, I am happy to announce that Mandy is now being represented by Mary Kole of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency!

And, to be totally honest, I do feel a bit of narcissistic satisfaction that I recognized her talent “back in the day.”

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