Writer Links – Naked Souls, Tough Times, and Virtue

After yesterday’s announcement about writer Mandy Morgan, I thought I would follow up today with some more writer links — partly to catch up on my link souping, and partly to begin dividing up my link soup posts into authors, agents, and editors so that they aren’t so overloaded.

And, introducing my latest thematic icon, specifically for author link soups!  Major points for whoever recognizes the writer without having to cheat.

First up to bat, Jade Smith tells us about her latest published work, “Gallows Tree,” and addresses the odd dynamics of vision and social expectation by asking “Is your soul naked?

Marie Mutsuki Mockett tells us about being a debut novelist in hard economic times.  (Thanks to Editorial Ass for pointing me toward that one.)

In other authorial news: Kelly Morgan receives Lesa’s Bald Face Liar “Creative Writer” Blogger Award, and Lydia Sharp discusses the writerly virtue of “Containment.”


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