Editing and Publishing Links – First Independent Edition

As you may have read last time, I am going to start posting my link soups in three categories: writers, agents, and publishing types.  I know, there’s a lot of overlap, particularly among authors who are also editors or agents.  But, I’m going to try.

And today?  Links from publishers and editors.  Enjoy!

Eric at Pimp My Novel explains how comp titles might get assigned to your book, and offers up an inspiring tale of one published author’s 11,000 rejections.

Moonrat at Editorial Ass is opening the floor for questions, so writers ready your curiosity and click!  (In the process, Moonrat links to another YA author’s blog, leading me to wonder whether I’m not writing for the wrong audience.)

Finally, Evil Editor (but Nice Mommy) Angela James wants to know how you use Goodreads.

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