Archaic Definition of the Week – Ballicatter

ballicatter n, usu pl. Variants chronologically arranged: ballicadoes, ballacarda, ballicater, balacadas, batlicaders, belly-carders, ballicatters, ballycatters, belly-catter, batlycadders, ballacarters, ballycater, ballaclauters, ballacaters, ballacatters, ballacader

1 Ice formed by the action in winter of spray and waves along the shore-line, making a fringe or band on the landward side.

2 A narrow band of ice formed in winter in the salt water along the foreshore or ‘landwash’; … ~ ICE; large slabs, chunks and fragments of this ice after break-up.

3 A floating ice-pan.

4 Frozen moisture around the nose and mouth.

Dictionary of Newfoundland English edited by G. M. Story, W. J. Kirwin, and J. D. A. Widdowson.

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