Literary Agents Talk (And I Link 'em!)

I haven’t posted links to literary agent blogs for a while — in fact, not since I separated them from the author and publisher links — so this will be my first solely agentish link soup!

So, let me introduce my new “literary agent icon,” a detail from Literary Pursuits of a Young Lady by Alexei Harlamov.  The idea was to represent someone who might say, “I would like to read for a living when I grow up.”  On to the links!

The prolific Jessica at the BookEnds agency discusses translations and foreign rights., as well as answering random questions about: writer websites; representation that crosses national borders; the age of romance authors; how to send pages via email; and the use of beta readers, or what I call my First Readers.  (I capitalize you guys!)

At Dystel & Goderich, both Jim and Jane tackle their slush piles, and offer up a little query letter advice on the way.

No agent link soup would be complete without the ever-popular Nathan Bransford, who talks about what he dubs “acute sequelitus” and offers up his own publishing link soup.

Finally, Rachelle Gardner asks her blog readers: “Does the query system work?”  The debate in the comments is quite interesting.  Go have a look!

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