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John Fox does a little amateur research on book piracy at his BookFox blog, while Kelly Morgan discusses the art of sleepwriting, or trying to write when you’re way too tired to being writing.

Joe at The Sharp Angle lets us in on his “Short Story Process from Idea to Submission” while Lydia explains the Number Nine quality of a prosperous writer: Saleability.

Jade Smith offers up a taste of her new short story, “The Arcanum.”   I am particularly intrigued, because Jade echoes one of the writerly dynamics I am exploring in my “Story Behind the Story” series:

I usually know the ending of a story before I begin it. I thought I knew this one, but as it turns out, the story shaped itself beyond my limited expectations. When a tale gets its own voice, that can be a good thing.

I completely agree!  An inestimably good thing.

Finally, author/agent Lucienne Diver presents author Kalayna Price’s advice on “How Not to Write A Book,” author Vicky Dreiling’s advice on “How to Make a Reality Show in Regency England,” and author Diana Orgain’s “Top Five Lessons Learned.”

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