The Latest From My Fave Agent Blogs

We are back around into the lit agent arc of my new link soup cycle.  (Those of you who missed the big three-way split … psht!  There’s an RSS button in the sidebar now.  No excuse!)

Have fun; and if you know of a fantastic lit agent writing a blog I’m missing, let me know!

Jessica at BookEnds tells us how to submit a partial, and how to find agents and publishers.  She also published an updated version of her publishing dictionary, which reminds me that I have to keep mine updated.

Jennifer Jackson responds to reader questions about queries that don’t follow her agency’s guidelines, Kristin Nelson rants about the agency commission model for ebooks, and Rachelle Gardner says, “Let’s Hear It For Old Fashioned Books!”

Finally, Lucienne Diver wraps up her Debut Week series of guest blogs (which I featured in my last writer link soup) with an agent’s perspective.


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