Lit Quotes – Introduction

As if I needed a new category of blog post, right?  But, I keep stumbling upon interesting or funny quotes about reading, writing, and other literature-related activities, and thinking to myself: “This doesn’t quite qualify as an Archaic Definition, darn it!”

So, “Lit Quotes” is born!  It was hard coming up with a name, and the one I finally settled on is fairly boring, I know.

But, “Unfamiliar Quotations” is obvious and overused almost to the point of cliché.  Google says 19 000 hits.  “Le Quote Quotidien” sets a schedule I am not prepared to meet.  “Quoth the Maven,” though awesome, already has a website devoted to it.  And, while “Quotient Quotables” would please Jeopardy fans, it promises math-related material.

Added bonus: new theme icon!  This one is Moça com Livro by Portuguese painter José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior.  The way she is looking up as if thinking about what she just read fits the theme perfectly.

Also, she’s pretty, even if she is made of strips of oil on a flat piece of cloth.  Kudos, José!

One final note.  Unlike the Archaic Definitions, I don’t plan to publish these on a schedule.  I’ll just put them up as I find them.  If I find more than one in single day, I’ll try to space them out so there’s a more regular flow, but there may come weeks when I don’t find any.  Just managing expectations, y’all.

First real quote coming soon!

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