Pirates Come to South Carolina

Those of you who have bookmarked or subscribed to this blog for your love of the Age of Sail likely already know this … but just in case: the State Museum of South Carolina has just opened an exhibit on “Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers” that will run through 19 September 2010.

(Ironically, 19 September was the day I officially left the US Navy.  Probably less coincidentally, it is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day.)

Sure, there is a lot of stuff just for kids, but also genuine pirate treasure, belt buckles, weapons, plates, and a ship’s bell retrieved from the bottom of the sea.  For a neat review of the exhibit, check out Kristy Rupon’s feature at The State: “Pirate myths walk the plank.”

Field trip, anyone?!

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  1. September 19 *almost* has significance for me as well. It’s the day after my birthday. Whatever, close enough.

    That exhibit sounds like fun! Too bad it’s a few states out of my reach. 🙁

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