Lit Agent Links – Jewels of Wisdom from the Gatekeepers

Now that I’m returning to the link soup model (see my previous post about writer links for the whole sordid confession) I might as well go ahead and pump out some links to literary agent stuff I have found interesting recently. 

In keeping with the new style — and until you tell me it makes you bat-crazy — these links will use the bullet method to avoid that ugly dotted underline hyperlink marker.

And here are the links!

Janet Reid asks whether you really want her to smack you around about your query letter subject line, and spells out the 7 wonderful things about her job.  (None of which are smacking writers around for their subject lines.)

Jessica at BookEnds responds to a question about how to get your book to reviewers,  the perennial accusation from writers that agents only want books that make money,   having a client’s novel dedicated to her, and a question about when silence = rejection.

At Dystel & Goderich, Jane explains the importance of timing, Jim announces a first-line contest, Chasya discusses the subjectivity of censorship, while Miriam has a little fun imagining the Tweets of famous authors.

And finally, Nathan Bransford discusses the science of buzz: what makes something popular, even viral?

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