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So, my little experiment of setting aside the link soups in favor of just posting whenever I read something interesting?  Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well.  I would read something, tell myself to remember to blog about it, then forget to blog about it. 

In other words, that plan was chock full o’ fail.

But, never let it be said that I don’t respond rationally to contrary data!  Back to the status quo ante we go, with this week’s collection of links dedicated to the writers I read online.

Note: I still hate those dotted underline hyperlinks used by the MistyLook theme, so I think I will go for a linked bullet look instead!

First up, Lydia Sharp at The Sharp Angle blog serves up some music to write by ( twice!), shares the nicest rejection letter she ever received, and asks what you think you’re doing trying to write that novel.

 Becky Levine tells us what she thinks about using newsletters to reach readers.

Brandi Guthrie weaves a true life tale of writerly anguish, tribulation, and recovery in her aptly named Cursings and Musings blog.

Jade Smith tells us how a shocking first chapter did not stop her from buying the latest in a favorite thriller series.

John Fox serves up a couple of link-worthies:  a writer-friendly ranking of literary journals and  a few truly strange calls for submission.

Liesl at Writer Ropes and Hopes issues two more entries in her Contradictions series: “You should never outline” vs. “You have to outline” and when/where to seek criticism.

Sammy Suzuhara asks what it means to “go over the edge” with your writing.

And finally, Juliette Wade shares a lot of advice at her Talk To YoUniverse blog: portraying family in fiction, the value of giving your Main Character a companion, and how to keep straight all of the multiple plotlines, themes, and layers of a complex piece of fiction.

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