Publishing Links Bonus – Film Trailers for Books?

I always seem to find something interesting right after posting a string of links

Mike Harvkey over at True/Slant asks a very interesting question:  can film trailers for books — like that created for the upcoming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies : Dawn of the Dreadfuls — boost the sagging publishing industry?

This is particularly interesting to me because I have been thinking of creating a “trailer” for The Ligan of the Disomus for years.  Also being a musician, I had written a few pieces for the story.  Had I ever forced myself to scribble out the storyboard-style sketches I envisioned for the trailer, I would be linking to it right now instead of just talking about it.

What do you think:

Would a film trailer help sell you on reading a book? 

Or, is it premature, jumping the gun on the book-to-film transition? 

Or, even worse, is this yet another way that the film medium is swallowing up the written word?

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  1. Hmmm–there are pros and cons. I think the biggest “con” would be–what if a movie is made of the book? Wouldn’t it be confusing to have two trailers out there linking to the same work?

    The “pro” would be reaching audiences that are more into the e-reads and net.

    I think they’ll never replace books altogether(there’s something about holding a book and turning the pages that is by far more satisfying than clicking on a link!), but making a mini-film for your book could be an interesting marketing tool. Wonder how successful this will be? Jade

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