Writer Links – Sucktitude, Happiness, and Building Worlds

Here we are at the end of another week.  I had fully intended to finish an Observer short story called “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die” this week, but I got distracted by residential concerns.  I’ll blog an update when one is warranted.

On the residential concerns.  When the story is ready, I’ll just publish it.

In the meantime, here are some interesting blog posts by writers I like.  Take a look at them all!

In her Composition Book, Heather Singh tackles the problem of aligning your writerly priorities with your schedule.

Becky Levine, diving back into her Work In Progress, talks about how new characters just seem to crop up.  (Her last several posts about the WIP are also pretty cool!)

Les Edgerton talks to us about how action tell us about your character and his/her character arc.

Lydia at The Sharp Angle illuminates Number 17 of the 52 Qualities of the Prosperous Writer: Happiness.

Laurel at the Unhinged Seriously blog discusses the connection between creativity and making mistakes.

Brittany Landgrebe explains how writing is like having a baby, and how sucktitude makes you a better writer.

And lastly, Juliette Wade at Talk To YoUniverse serves up some excellent advice on  world building and  writing dialogue that matters

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