Lit Agents – Sharks, Goddesses, Beasts, and Bloggers

Say Hello to Friday, which is from the Old English Frígedæg, meaning the Day of Fríge, Germanic goddess of keeping beer cold in magical cabinets.

So, let’s get right to business, which also happens to be a pleasure: passing along some interesting postings from my favorite literary agent blogs.

I cannot even begin to describe what Janet Reid has written here, a combination of humor, rivalry, crime-fighting women, and sharks.  Click it, read it, it’s well worth the five minutes.

At the Dystel & Goderich blog,  Jessica tackles the issue of writing manuals, while  Miriam points us to a sobering piece at  The Daily Beast on the effects blogging has on “regular” writing.

Jessica at BookEnds advises us to treat each query as our first, lets us in on some of her query stats, and  tells us why queries get rejected.

Kristin Nelson at Pub Rants assures us that writers are a hot commodity these days!

At her Rants & Ramblings blog, Rachelle Gardner asks why people want to be published, whether your agent has to love your book, and what are the limitations of market research in publishing.  She also reminds us that writing is a lifestyle, not a hobby, and invites guess blogger Christa Allan to discuss  how to use a  journal to defeat writer’s block.

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