Publishing Links – Zombies, Salinger, Bill Murray, and the Fonz

Hey, guys and gals, welcome to May!  And, for those so inclined, a belated Happy Bealtaine.

This has been a busy week at the publishers’ and editors’ blogs I check regularly, so I’m going to try to clean up the format a bit to make the links easier to scan.  Feedback always welcome; I’m here to help you!

First, however,  we say goodbye to Alice Pope‘s Children’s Writers and Illustrator’s Market blog.  But, never fear:  Alice will be writing the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators blog at  Best of luck, Alice!

The Author magazine blogging editor: 
reads tombstones for a peek into human character,
tracks the value of formal writing education from his son’s critique of The Phantom Tollbooth,
reminds us to write what we love (even if that means zombies), and
connects the dots between the Fonz, famous writers, and solitude.

A the Moby Lives blog:
Megan Halperin tells us better ways to make use of awful books and
Valeria Merians updates us on the Salinger Sequel case, while
Dennis Johnson talks about the most-highlighted passages on Kindle.

Dennis also points us toward a video of Bill Murray reading Emily Dickinson.  Need I say more?  Click it.

Eric at Pimp My Novel explains two key publishing terms: Right of First Refusal and Non-Compete Clause.

Finally,  Moon Rat at Editorial Ass promptly blesses us with a “Procrastinatory Villanelle.”

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