Lit Agent Links – Bookshelves, eBooks, and Lots of Query Advice

Okay, so I haven’t dropped a chain of literary agent links since April.   Throw something heavy and hard at me. (I can take it.)

But, seriously, moving across town without hiring a moving company takes a lot out of a guy, especially when most of what you own consists of boxes and  boxes of books.  Kindle is looking real nice right about now.

So let’s get to those links!

Dystel & Goderich doesn’t disappoint!  Look at what the folks there have served up lately:

Jessica at BookEnds dives into the thorny issue of getting published after being self-published, and answers questions about resubmitting a reworked query letter, the purpose of query letter guidelines, and morality clauses in YA/MG contracts.  She also warns us that confidence in a query can backfire.

At her Pub Rants blog, Kristin compares different POVs, explains why enhanced ebooks will cause havoc, and tells writers why highlighting your age in a query is not a good idea.

Nathan Bransford reminds us that every writer gets rejected.

Rachelle Gardner at Rants & Ramblings reveals the secrets of a great pitch.


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