Publishing Links – Book Expo, Book Titles, and Lost Redux

Before I get into the links to publishing pro blogs, let me do a short follow-up on my Lost-inspired “Advice From A Dude” column.  I was surprised to find it one of my most well-received advice pieces; I really expected a lot of defensive Lost fans in the comments trashing my trashing of the show’s creators.  Thanks for being kinder to me than I was to them.

And thanks to Jade Smith for including me in a Lost-oriented link soup.  If I am missing anyone else who linked me up, just speak out!

Also: I am the creator of the parody Lost – Gilligan’s Island graphic used in the article.   I consider it covered by the Fair Use doctrine; one of the perks of being an American!  Insofar as I have any control over it as an original composition based on sampled (parodied!) pieces, I hereby free it for use to anyone who credits me, John Nelson Leith, with a link.

And now, on to the publishing links!  They may seem a little thin this week, perhaps because everyone is busy at Book Expo America 2010.

Speaking of which, MediaBistro‘s GalleyCat is promising all the news and snarks on BEA 2010.

The Author Magazine blog opens up the forum to Deb Caletti, author of The Six Rules of Maybe, who advises writers to be who they are.

The Moby Lives blog follows up on Editorial Ass‘s recent piece on giving your book a title that another book already has.  (That phrase just seemed more descriptive than “duplicate titling.”)

♣ Eric at Pimp My Novel offers his own take on the Lost finale, a little peek into the future of self-publishing with Barnes & Noble’s new PubIt service, and a few pointers on writings (and selling) literary fiction.

Also, as a bonus

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