Publishing Links – Trends, Desires, and the End of Things

Let’s just dive straight into the links this week!


♣ The Author Magazine blogster reminds us that a really good story forces us to ask the question: “What do I want most?”  (This is also true of magical compasses, I hear.)

Moonrat at Editorial Ass(istant) tells us how to throw an awesome book launch.

Kassia Krozser at BookSquare points out that change in the publishing biz must start at home, with the executives who run it.

♣ The Moby Lives blog asks whether we are seeing the end of book ownership.

Finally, the ever-prolific Eric at Pimp My Novel:
♣ issues a call for guest posts (you have until 16 June!);
♣ warns us of the approaching E-Pocalypse;
♣ explains the difference between billing and point-of-sale; and
♣ analyzes publishing trends like The [Adjective] Wife, vampires/werewolves, literary mash-ups, and the world ending in 2012.

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