Lit Agent Links – Fewer Literary Feuds and Fewer Vampires?

First link of the day comes from Jessica at BookEnds.  Following up on a fantastic post by Nathan Bransford about the importance of keeping a “series bible” to keep track of the little details in your fictional world, Jessica explains the difference between a series bible and a style sheet, and why an author should seriously consider developing a style sheet before his or her work goes under the editor’s knife.

I am using that as my intro today because Jessica’s idea hadn’t even occurred to me, even though I do maintain a rough series bible for the Observer Tales.  (The releasable stuff, I rework into Observer’s Gloss entries.)  Now I have another project!

On to the rest of the links:At Dystel & Goderich:
Jessica ponders why we see so few literary feuds these days, while
Miriam speculates on the future of the vampire trend.

Janet Reid answers a few author questions about publishing, and gets a bit cranky about the idea of “traditional” publishing.

Kristin Nelson at Pub Rants tells (in her words) the “Best. Story. Ever.”  Part One is about Kristin getting an offer from an editor on something she had passed on two months before, and Part Two is about how and why that happened.  Interesting and encouraging reading!

And, I have completed weeding out the chaff from my sidebar links.  I am now looking for new literary agent and publishing pro blogs, and suggestions are welcome!

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