Writer Links – Characters, Characters, and More Characters

Oh, Monday… with your false enthusiasm and wearisome clichés of toil resumed.

Prescription: coffee, with a healthy shot of cynicism and defiance!

The writer links this week are chock full of advice on characters and a writer’s personal approach to writing.  On to the links!


Becky Levine scoffs at the limitations of “Write What You Know.”

Juliette Wade at Talk to YoUniverse explains how to identify the character holding your story together

Lydia Sharp at The Sharp Angle
asks if your fiction has a fingerprint,
explores the accidental details that make a character real, and
discusses the 23rd of the 52 Qualities of the Prosperous Writer: Vision.

Cassandra Jade dishes up a buffet of goodness, including:
the importance of character mannerisms,
the five reasons she will read your writer blog,
another look at Bowl of Oranges’ hilarious ways to annoy a rookie writer,
what makes even a derivative plot interesting, and
how to clarify your plot by reducing it to a single sentence.

By the way, if you’d like to try reducing a famous book to a single sentence (Morrison’s Song of Solomon, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Herbert’s Dune, Russo’s Empire Falls, or McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove), visit my One-Sentence Summary Contest!

Finally, here is an intriguing interview in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer with The Magicians author Lev Grossman.

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