Lit Agent Links – Query Letters, Rejection Letters, and Vampires (More or Less)

Yesterday, my home town paper The Washington Post published a neat list of the “Five Buzziest Summer Beach Reads,” including post-apocalyptic vampires, a post-vampire career apocalypse, a blast-from-the-past sequel, and an ape-girl.  How can you pass that up?

And now, on to stuff recently blogged upon by literary agents:


Nathan Bransford explains why the rejection letter of the future will be silence.

The Wylie-Merrick blogster compares the internet revolution to the Sears-Roebuck catalog.

Jessica and Kim at BookEnds team up to explain what it takes to be a literary agent.

Jane at Dystel & Goderich explains why it is important to read your contract.  (And, to have a literary agent like Jane to read it!)

Janet Reid offers up some querying advice: take your mulligans when you can, and think about what you’re doing when you compose your email query.

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