Writer Links – Summer Reading, Female Heroes, and Fire Breathing

First, I want to wish Brittany Landgrebe get well soon!

Well, it is finally summertime!  Do you have your summer reading list ready?  Yeah, me neither.  I have been considering re-reading The Lord of the Rings, and I do have a couple of non-fiction books from a used bookstore stacked up and awaiting my attention.  But, no solid plans.

But, how about this idea: instead of committing to a few buzz-worthy novels, we could instead focus on reading a lot of short stories in magazines.  Anyone up for this challenge?

And now, on to the links!

Bethany Wiggins at Shooting Stars discusses the female hero.

Juliette Wade of Talk To YoUniverse discusses how to handle a caste system in your fictional world.

Author Judith Jance shares her thoughts on book clubs at the Seattle City Brights blog, including this gem:

“Our book club only reads IMPORTANT books or LITERARY FICTION,” both of which I translate to mean the literary equivalent of Castor Oil. Maybe the books they read aren’t fun or easy to swallow, but THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU!

Becky Levine discusses her hatred love (love?!) of the one-page query.

Cassandra Jade gives us Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Write When You’re Tired.

Jade Smith teaches us the Dos & Don’ts of fire-breathing critique.

And finally, Suzannah Freeman at Write It Sideways asks the magic question: how do you know if your writing is good enough?

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