Lit Agent Links – Queries, Book Deals, and a Day in the Life

First of all, let me do a favor for Jessica at BookEnds LLC, and literary agents everywhere, by reminding all of you prospective authors out there that a “novel” is a fictional narrative longer than 50,000 words.  There is no need to say “fiction novel” and no reason to say “non-fiction novel.”

And now, let’s go on to the links!


For the curious, Lucienne Diver presents a day in the life of a literary agent.

The Rejectionist offers seven pieces of advice for what to do when a foul person (writer) achieves great success.

At Dystel & Goderich
Jim discusses getting “blogger’s block” while trying to use social media, and
Jane discusses an author’s responsibility to market the book:

There are still many authors who don’t take the bull by the horns and accept responsibility for the process of publishing their books especially in the area of promotion and marketing.

Janet Reid pleads with you to please, please, please tell her what your book is about in your query!

Kristin Nelson at PubRants contrasts single-book and multi-book deals.

Enjoy the readings!

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