Lit Agent Links – Silence, Rejections, and Unsold Titles

Oh what a week!  As critics and pundits debate the merits of non-literary fiction (whatever that might be), agents and writers are debating the merits of agents shifting from a representative model of payment to a pay-per-service model.

It’s getting hot up in here!  But, let’s slip quietly out the back door of this tavern brawl and just read some literary agent links, okay?

Janet Reid warns writers to never assume that no response means No (at least not after the query stage).

Nathan Bransford explains why he writes vague rejection letters.

Kristin Nelson at Pub Rants shares recent trends in her query inbox.  Among the expected vampires and “Greek mythology characters in a modern setting,” there was this inexplicable pattern:

Also, we’ve been seeing a lot of stories about women who have discovered their husbands cheating, getting divorced, and then moving to a small town where they start their own business—like a B&B. They always move to the small town as the key feature.

At Dystel & Goderich Jane discusses how to choose a title and Jim explains what happened when a book selected by an agent nevertheless goes unsold.

At BookEnds, Jessica gives us a peek into the work rhythm of a literary agent.

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