Lit Agent Links – The Racist, The Unrootable, and The Unpublishable

I am considering combining the weekly lit agent round-up with the “miscellaneous” publishing pros. 

Between the blogs that inexplicably dry up — or consist mainly of their own link lists, Happy Release Day posts, or “everyone can be a writer, don’t give up!” cheerleading — the lit agent offerings have been growing thin.  Maybe it’s because of this god-awful heat!  What’s the summer version of hibernation?

On to the lit agent links!

At BookEnds, Jessica shares her thoughts on e-books.

At Dystel & Goderich, Jessica discusses the unrootable protagonist. (See yesterday’s writer links for writer Betsy Lerner‘s take.)

The Rejectionist is very ticked off (warning: profanity in ALL CAPS) about book covers that obscure or change the characters’ race.

And, the AGENT LINK OF THE WEEK award goes to Miriam at Dystel & Goderich for saying what so few publishing industry professionals (writers, agents, editors, publishers, etc.) seem willing to say: some people are just bad at writing and should not be trying to get published.

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