Writer Links – Fatigue, Historical Fiction, and Literary Magazines

Librarian and author Lawrence Clark Powell said, “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”

I would add this to his list: “Link to help others.”

In that spirit, on to the writer links!

Becky Levine shares her thoughts on history and historical fiction: “Wow things were really different back then” and “Wow has anything changed?”

At My Dog Ate My Manuscript, author N. Gemini Sasson discusses her Robert the Bruce research and how history and historical fiction feed on one another.

Cassandra Jade tells us what you can do when you suffer writer’s fatigue.

And the WRITER LINK OF THE WEEK award goes to Les Edgerton, who gives us a peek inside the literary magazine acceptance/rejection process from his days at The Crescent Review.  Writers who want to see how litmag sausage is made, check it out.

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