Publishing Links – Paragraph Bombs and the Editor's 30 Percent

Happy Friday, loyal readers and visitors future loyal readers!

It has been a crazy week, from figuring out that Dan Brown is lately more popular than the Bible to learning that the Hulk is now a literary critic. My favorite Lit Crit Hulk observation: “HULK KNOW IT PASSE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT TWILIGHT FRANCHISE, BUT HULK STILL WANT TO SMASH EVERY GROWNUP HULK SEE ON TRAIN READING THAT CRAP.”

(Hello, Xbox?  Wii?  Marvel Superheroes vs. Twilight characters, please.)

So, a crazy week, but you know what’s not crazy?  Checking out this week’s links from publishing industry pros:

Eric at Pimp My Novel offers a mea culpa and some caveats on e-books.  (I’m sure there are a few other Latin phrases that apply, as well.)

At Magical Words:
David B. Coe dishes out some remarkable advice for writers (like myself) who have struggled to condense their stories into a “pitch,” and he does so by analogy to photography.  Great stuff!
Edmund Schubert discusses the importance of wanting in fiction.
Faith Hunter explains how a single paragraph can sabotage a novel.

Dennis Johnson at the Moby Lives blog points us to a remarkable study on the value of editors.

Jason Boog at Galley Cat points the way to some great advice for writers seeking to promote their own books in lieu of professional publicity efforts on the part of publishers.  (And, for my thoughts on this trend in publishing, see “Publishing is in Danger of Becoming a Pyramid Scheme.”)

And, the PUBLISHING LINK OF THE WEEK award goes to Carolyn Kellogg at the Jacket Copy blog for her reprint of author Janet Fitch‘s 10 Rules For Writers.

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  1. Hi, great blog. I enjoyed the ’10 Rules for Writers’, but the Hulk quote is my favourite.
    By the way, any clues on where I can buy stamps like the ‘fi’ stamp in your thumbnail, up there? Cheers.

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