Publishing Links – Real Places, Mythical Editors, and a Wet Blanket on Ebooks

Oh where does the time go?  Is it Thursday already?

This has been quite a busy week in my pay-the-rent job, which goes a long way toward explaining why the blog is a little slim this week — and shifted one day to the right, as they say in business speak.  (At least in English, they say this.  I wonder if Arab businessmen postpone events ilá yasár or “to the left” …)

Enough chitterchat. On to the publishing links!

♣ The inestimable Jason Boog at Galley Cat lists some of the best publishing pages on Facebook.

Carla Nayland at Historical Fiction offers some photos to show how to work real places into your writing.

Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware! debunks the myth of the evil editor and follows up with the importance of self-editing.

The PUBLISHING LINK OF THE WEEK award goes to Carolyn Kellogg at Jacket Copy for offering some skeptical perspective on Amazon’s recent ebook huzzahs:

When CDs began to outpace vinyl, music companies realized that they could sell the same original works to fans a second time, in a new format. How much of’s Kindle sales are an echo of this —  readers purchasing much-loved favorites in a new format — is impossible to say without seeing sales figures based on specific titles. And that’s something that no companies, neither publishers nor, seems interested in releasing.

Omission justifies suspicion, I always say.

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