The Ship That Failed To Stop The Burning of Washington

The War of 1812 is one of America’s least known wars and yet the conflict in which we truly established our place as an independent actor on the world stage.  (There really should be more historical fiction written about this war!)

Now, a ship discovered decades ago in a Maryland inlet could shed light on the Chesapeake Flotilla that battled the invading British fleet, and serve as a showpiece for the upcoming 1812 bicentennial.  Found in the 1970s and excavated in the 1980s — but then reburied due to lack of funding — the ship is believed by archaeologists to be the USS Scorpion, part of America’s defense of the DC region.

The Flotilla’s ships were driven into the Patuxent river’s mouth, however, and were sunk to keep the warships from falling into the hands of the British, who later went on to burn the Capitol and White House.

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