The Rejectionist opines on rejections and recommendations

I may be one of the luckiest writers on the planet.  “How so?” you ask with your brows flat like a pair of furry balconies for your brain’s apartment.  Let me tell you.

My first rejection email, from an agent whose guidelines stressed to the point of maniacal obsession the apocalyptic importance of a carefully written query, consisted entirely of two words, which I will now repeat without editing:

“No tahnks.”

It was a bit difficult to take a rejection like that seriously.  It was like walking up to a gorgeous woman at a club, asking her to dance, and having her smugly tell you to get lost with a mouth missing several teeth in front.  It was too funny to hurt, and it made it hard for me to take subsequent rejection letters very seriously.

But, for some, the rejection letter remains a trauma and a mystery. 

Luckily, we have The Rejectionist to enlighten us, stripping away the enigmas and revealing the often amusing reality behind the veil of Oz.  Recently, The Rejectionist discussed the weird logic of some rejection letters, the literary-genre divide (one of my fav topics!), email vs. snail mail queries, and Christmas recommendations, all in one fa-la-la-lantastic blog entry.

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