Chuck Tells You It’s Time To Quit Writing

Remember the last time I posted an item on writing? Yeah, me neither.*

And why? Because I’ve been writing. Because I love writing. I love it more than I love writing about writing. And, way more than I love scrambling like a methed-up hamster in the writing self-promotion wheel.

I love writing so much that I even love re-writing.  And editing. And outlining, in order to re-edit and re-write until the story is just so. Yes, it’s that bad.

But, now I must share a bit of writing about writing.  Or, more specifically, a piece of writing about not writing.

Chuck Wendig over at terribleminds has a great post that should serve as an antidote to all the silly, “never give up” cheerleading we hear in the literary realm: “Six Signs It’s High Time To Give Up Writing.”  It’s funny, but it’s also dead serious.  And I agree with just about every word in it.

Enjoy!  Oh, and let me offer the obligatory [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] advisory.


* Okay, I did a little research and (not counting Archaic Definitions and such) it was over a month ago.

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  1. Very good. I added that meth hamster guy on Twitter ~ he’s got the goods.

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