What Has J Been Reading? [Guy Fawkes Day, 05 Nov 11]

“The King in Yellow,” a short story in The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler.

Erin Mitchell‘s discussion at Hey There’s A Dead Guy about what it really means when someone Likes your Facebook author page.  At the same site, Robin Agnew asks “Do Men and Women Write Differently?”  (If you’re not satisfied with her answer, try dumping some of your own writing into the Gender Genie and see what it has to say!)

Still thinking about Les Edgerton‘s “mystical place” anecdote, and looking for it in the stuff I’ve written and stuff I’ve read.  Such places abound in fantasy fiction, but could the river Mattie Ross crosses to follow Rooster and LeBoeuf into Indian country be considered a mystical place?  What about the oil fields in The Big Sleep where you-know-what is hidden?

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