What Has J Been Reading? [King Kong Bundy’s Birthday, 07 Nov 11]

Still working my way through “The King in Yellow,” a short story (or maybe a novella, I haven’t been counting words) in The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler.

An inside view of how one of the Jessicas (not sure if it’s Faust or Alvarez) at BookEnds LLC edits her clients’ work.

Elizabeth Spann Craig‘s analysis of why it is a good tactic to move right on to a new writing project after finishing your last one.

If I were going to have a “best read” and a “most fun read” the latter honor would go to “10 Wonderful Fake Books By TV Characters” at Flavorwire.

BEST READ OF THE DAY: Jeff Cohen at Hey There’s A Dead Guy discussing dialogue tags, specifically the crazy rule about only using the tag “said.”  Best line: “Reading ‘said’ all the time, even when it’s being done by a master … is like being hit lightly over the head with a hammer every few seconds.”

[Non-literary afterthought: Today, I also read about the curious spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma and Arkansas, the White House’s statement on extraterrestrial intelligence, the massive solar flare heralding next year’s sunspot climax, and the naming of three new elements.]

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