The Leith Push Strikes Again!

NoirJNL-01Some of you may remember how I featured author Mandy Morgan a while before she was a success, and how I gave Rahul Kanakia a great review before he was featured in the Diverse Energies anthology. I am always overjoyed (what a weird idea… over-joy?) to discover new talent!

But today I learned that I actually helped new talent. A few years ago, author Dina Santorelli was struggling with a scene, and broadcast her problem on Twitter. I came back with a bit of an off-the-wall suggestion, considering her genre, and apparently it worked! Baby Grand is a top-selling mystery on Amazon, go check it out!

The actual Twitter conversation (edited for readability):

DinaSantorelli 5:24pm
@leithliterary Saw your RT. I always think of you fondly, when u helped me work out a scene back in 2010 with a simple suggestion. 🙂

leithliterary 5:26pm
@DinaSantorelli Thanks! How’d that story work out? 🙂

DinaSantorelli 5:29pm
@leithliterary I guess all right. BABY GRAND is a Top Rated Mystery/Thriller on Kindle. So I guess someone out there likes it! 🙂

leithliterary 5:31pm @DinaSantorelli Is this it? Great title and cover, by the way. Congrats on the five stars!

DinaSantorelli 5:34pm
@leithliterary That’s it! The scene you helped me with is in the middle, actually toward the end. Every time I read it over, I think of u!

DinaSantorelli 5:35pm
@leithliterary & all you said was: ‘Think of something that would otherwise be funny in a not-so-dire circumstance” & that was all I needed!

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