Notional Corporate Logo Design – Musa

designI’ve been publishing a lot of design posts lately. Might as well get them out of the way, eh?

This particular logo (see below the jump) came to me in a dream. Oddly enough, in the dream, it was the logo for a milk distributor whose television commercial featured people in a conga line singing “Musa, Musa, Mu-sa!

I don’t claim to make much sense in my sleep.

Anyway, the word “Musa” is the arabic name for Moses, and the final graphic below evokes his iconic splitting of the Red Sea. In the dream, however, the logo consisted of only the middle field without the blue bookends.

Note: When I call these “corporate” logo designs, I mean in the organizational sense, not to indicate a large business. I could imagine them also being used by NGOs, non-profits, foundations, etc. Considering the theme, the Musa logo could work well for a group that worked across the Red Sea, or between Israel and an Arab country. (One can hope!)


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