Delaware needs a television show! (And, so does West Virginia…)

the_hatBusiness Insider recently published a map showing the most popular television show set in each state of the US. (Sorry again, DC!) As you can imagine, some states’ shows were more recognizable than others.

The most popular television show set in Delaware is The Pretender? That won’t do. How about we get Ocean City in front of someone who can do something about it?

And, I know West Virginia isn’t the most well-respected state in the Union (how do you win a war and still have to pick a new name?) but it’s most popular program is Hawkins, a show that ran for one season every third week in the 1970s?!* I think I might try to come up with an Elevator Pitch for West Virginia, too.


* “Reality” shows like Buckwild weren’t considered.

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  1. As someone who was born in WV, lived in WV and has most of their family there, I agree. That reality show “Buckwild” is set in WV, but that’s nothing to be proud of. They really should have something else. I don’t get why “The Wire” is the only show that’s set in MD. Is our state too boring to set things in?

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