Result of an Open Thought Process

Spark: Someone shares with me one of the many “baby fist-bumping” memes.

Thought one: It’s funny how babies sometimes take on adult expressions the complex emotions under which they can’t possibly feel. That baby looks gangsta.

Thought two: I wonder if the “H O L D F A S T” tattoo on the knuckles of the old sailor in Master and Commander were representative of a genuine 19th century trend of spelling knuckle tattoos, or if they were an anachronism based on modern-day gang/prison culture.

Thought three: If a fist-bumping baby had spelling knuckle tattoos, what four-letter word(s) would they spell? I once knew a guy with “W E E D” on his knuckles. What would be the baby equivalent of drug enthusiasm?

Thought four:


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