Top Ten Posts (as of March 2014)

NoirJNL-01It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at my stats. Today, I decided to peek.

Looking at shorter time scales, of course, the stats are dominated by things I’ve posted on relatively recent viral stories, like the Shia LaBeouf plagiarism debacle, Voyager “leaving” the solar system, the Ender’s Game boycott, and Abrams taking the helm of Star Wars. But, taking the long view, I was surprised to find readers still racking hits on some of the older stories.

Here are my All-Time Top Ten regular posts (i.e., not category pages, “About,” etc.) just for curiosity’s sake, in countdown format. It’s a good mix of writing advice, commentary, reviews, and civil design ideas.

10. “Five Songs That Should Be Made Into Movies” – 12 May 11
9. “One America : A New Vision For US Rail” – 08 Feb 13
8. “Four Approaches To Female Characters In Historical Fiction and Fantasy” – 01 Jul 11
7. “Historical Fiction Resources On The Longhouse” – 23 Nov 10
6. “Review : True Grit” (book and film) – 23 Jan 11
5. “Optimizing The DC Metro” – 22 Jun 12
4. “How MFA Programs Can Hurt Literature” – 02 Sep 10
3. “Four Ways To Come Up With Fictional Names” – 31 Aug 10
2. “Jeremy Spoke, But Is Anyone Listening? Irony And Understatement In Pearl Jam’s Jeremy” – 30 Jul 10
1. “Chad Harbach’s Piece Describes The MFA Side Of The Pyramid Scheme” – 30 Nov 11

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