Another Voice Against the Authorhood of All Readers

CatherineOfSienaWritingI belong to a growing faction of writers (including my friends Les Edgerton and John Austin) who feel that publishing and literature are suffering an awful delusion: that anyone can be a writer. This myth is driven partly by an overly liberal, “everybody gets a gold star” desire to avoid negativity and offense (even when warranted) and partly by a cynical marketing strategy aimed at turning aspiring authors into an consumer base.

As usual, it’s the uneasy alliance between licentious Babylon and the exploitative Beast. And, it’s utterly unsustainable.*

Tori Telfer throws her hat in the ring with us at, explaining that “Creative Writing Isn’t for Everyone, And That’s Just Fine.”

Help us spread the word, and save publishing and literature in the process.


* For more on my take, see the Pyramid Dynamics in Publishing and Authorhood of All Readers sections of my Biz pages.

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