Final Take on Crossbones

Crossbones-MalkovichI feel compelled to write a brief follow-up on Crossbones, since my preliminary review was posted just before the season finale—which was also the series finale as the show wasn’t picked up for a second season, a fact that really showed in those dual closing episodes.

You get a sense from the finale that the writers were simply closing up shop. Not in the slipshod, already-checked-out weariness of the last Dexter season, or the cocky and gimmicky way The Sopranos (literally) turned off the lights. But, a going-out-of-business mood was palpable nonetheless.

The most notable evidence that the writers may have been surprised by NBC’s failure to renew was the complete absence of the Nenna subplot, which had been well-developed and clearly intended to play a major role in the ongoing story. No ongoing story, no need for Nenna, so she just vanished from the tale after faking her death and tantalizing us with clues about the true purpose behind her thefts.

Despite this jarringly loose thread, the writers did a decent job of wrapping up all of the internal and interpersonal tensions that had been simmering. Edward and Selima reconcile with each other, everyone reconciles with the hated doctor-assassin, and the White Woman subplot explodes in blood and brutality that leaves Teach alone to face his friend-and-foe Lowe.

Although Crossbones was a mixed bag of decent acting, good plotting, but sketchy editing, I have to give kudos to everyone involved for not just dropping the ball as the show stuttered to a halt.

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