Thursday’s reading has far to go!

Reading-KnightAre you guys digging the new poem theme? It’s getting a lot of hits!

“Thursday’s child has far to go…” What exactly does the poem mean by this? It’s mysterious. But, I’ve tried to put together some “far to go” lit and entertainment links to match the theme.

BBC Culture has a great list of 10 new books to read, including the great Margaret Atwood, Tennessee Williams, and Richard Ford, as well as relative newcomers Eimear McBride, Elizabeth Rosner, and Katy Simpson Smith, whose The Story of Land and Sea might just have made it onto my reading list.

And, if a list of 10 great books doesn’t seem a far way to go, how about making it all the way to the Hugo Science Fiction Award with a debut novel? That’s what Ann Leckie has done with her Ancillary Justice? Check out Ann’s and others’ victories!

Assuming you’re not a resident of “Oz,” these views of 10 beautiful libraries in Australia could qualify as far to go for a good read in a gorgeous building.

Lastly, fledgling horror writer Lesley Kagan has really come far during her recent book tour.

When my first novel, Whistling in the Dark, was declared a breakout hit and New York Times bestseller, I was utterly bowled over. Especially after the invitations came pouring in from readers who invited me to their monthly book club discussions, and the bookstores that had set aside evenings for me to speak.

Almost overnight I—a 57-year-old menopausal woman who felt lucky to remember where she’d parked her car—had magically morphed into a sought-after author.

Here’s hoping that, however far you have to go, you make it! And keep coming back to the website!

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