Thursday’s readings are full of strife!

Reading-RenoirIf you’re easily upset by controversy, you might want to skip today’s literary links!

Author Bettina Stangneth has taken on the iconic view of Adolf Eichmann in Hannah Arendt‘s classic biography of the Nazi war criminal, from which we inherit the concept of the “banality of evil.” Stangneth’s new book, Eichmann Before Jerusalem, demonstrates that he was fully aware of his role in organizing the Holocaust.

Some of you may have heard of Patrick McLaw, the Maryland middle-school teacher suspended from his job and spirited away by police to a psychological evaluation because he published a sci-fi novel about a school shooting 900 years in the future. Well, as it turns out, there’s a bit more to the story and McLaw is now claiming his detainment is more about misinterpreting his model-building hobby and a letter he had written than about his fiction.

If your kids love crayons, you still might not want to get them the latest offering from Really Big Coloring Books: a terrorism-themed series that has been recently updated to included information about the Islamic State and depictions of crucifixions.

And, if your kids are addicted to video games, you might want to keep quiet about the new Minecraft guidebooks, which are thriving on gamers’ obsession with the game.


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