Neologism of the Week – The prefix nymo-

Writingnymo- [prefix from Aeolic Greek ὄνυμα “name”] /NIM-ō/ similar to the suffix -onym, meaning a specific type of name or word (as in acronym, synonym, exonym), nymo- indicates that which belongs to a type in name, but not necessarily in reality.

Unlike pseudo-, which denies the validity of the claim or appearance of belonging to a type (as in pseudo-random, pseudo-documentary, and pseudoscience), nymo– leaves open the question of the validity of the naming. For this reason, nymo– does not mean “in name only,” but rather simply “in name.”

EX: “The threat from nymo-Islamic terror groups has shifted from the nebulous, global reach of al-Qáedah to the local, territorial focus of ISIS.”

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