Monday’s links are fair, at face

Reading-VincenzoToday’s links are all about fairness and seeing both sides of the issue!

♦ We all know that book jacket designers are deeply influenced by the content of a book, but did you know the influence can also go in the other direction?

♦ In the interest of fairness, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published two sides of the e-book debate: librarian Luren Dickenson‘s top 10 reasons to give e-books a try, and bookstore owner Harriet Logan‘s argument that e-books can never match physical books for beauty and collectibility. (Check below the jump for an unfortunate glitch in this story.)

And, for a humorous take on the issue, check out Ikea’s new ad for the “bookbook.”

♦ On the subject of access, we recently learned that a key work of Copernicus that was long thought lost has now been found! But, we also learned that book privileges long available to prison inmates have now been lost.

And Margaret Atwood‘s latest book? None of us will likely ever read it because it’s scheduled for publication in 2114! How is that fair?


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