Recognition of the need for a larger no-fly zone could kick off massive DC reform

mytwocentsSo, a campaign finance protestor landed a gyrocopter on the grounds of the US Capitol, well within the National Mall’s civilian no-fly zone?

Sure, the flying curmudgeon posed no threat to anyone, but imagine if he had. Imagine if he and the copter had been strapped with explosives and had slammed into a group of people. Say, a group of Senators or Representatives.

It’s time to expand that commercial no-fly zone to include the entire original square of the District on both sides of the Potomac, so that any violating aircraft can be detected and intercepted well before reaches any critical buildings. And then, we could roll out a platform of reforms to follow that.

Close Reagan National, use the airport’s land for a larger National Zoo, optimize the Metro to help people move easier to outlying airports, reform DC traffic and building codes to allow for better development to boost the economy, open a Jazz Age theme park, and create a National Museum of Sail to complement the District’s ongoing efforts to make better use of waterfront space.

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