Called it! Abrams was doing so much fan-service in Star Wars Episode VII that he had to restrain himself

A while back, when J. J. Abrams was first tapped to direct the next Star Wars flick, I did a parody script for Episode VII based on how Abrams had rebooted the Star Trek franchise. I teased him about his incessant use of lens flaring, his debris-riddled space battles, his character role reversals, and his racial casting switcheroos, i.e., Khan Noonian Cumberbatch.

But, Into the Dark Side primarily lampooned his directorial penchant for fan-servicing references. Well, now he’s admitting that he was doing so much of this in Episode VII that he had to pull back. Called it!

It could’ve been worse. He could’ve cast Matthew Smith as Chewbacca, Jr.


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